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Great reasons why you should book Neil Edwards – Elegant Magic

When organizing any event there is so much to think about such as finding a venue – obviously Robert Denholm House! – the aesthetics of the room, the menu and providing entertainment.

 One of the hardest of these to get right is the entertainment with so many different acts offering ways of making sure your guests are not bored.

In this article I am going to explain why booking a magician such as myself who represents professionalism and quality entertainment will ensure that you can relax, sit back and enjoy the event knowing everyone is in good hands and having a fantastic time.

It’s not like on TV

The two things I most hear from the people I perform for are “Can you make my wife disappear?” and “I’ve seen magic on TV and thought it was actors and camera tricks. This is amazing”.

Most people have never experienced a professional magician performing especially for them and don’t know how amazing it feels to have something impossible happen right before them. This makes magic quite a transformative form of entertainment.

When people witness great close-up for the first time they experience not only the fun and astonishment that magic brings but also that they love something they had previously had a negative opinion of. This guarantees that the entertainment and the event become a positive memory they will take away with them forever.

Passive Entertainment, Engaging Entertainment

When considering entertainment for any event you are faced with a plethora of choices; a live band, string quartet, fire breathers, dancers, acrobats etc. Why pick a magician?

Magic is unique amongst the ranks of party entertainment because it engages your guests on a personal level. Most other popular forms of event entertainment are passive as they are watched, listened to or most often, consigned to the background.


Flexible and tailormade

Whether it is a party where your guests are standing, a dinner, a huge party or a small gathering I can provide entertainment which will make any event into one to remember.

Mix and mingle magic is when I perform “in their hands” magic to small groups as I work around the room. This intimate and interactive magic is designed to create a buzz around the room, breaking the ice by bringing strangers together under a common positive experience.


Table Magic is designed for any dinner situation, entertaining each table in the room in turn creating not only clapping and cheering but encouraging dinner conversation whilst filling the waiting time between courses. This Guarantees a lively dining room filled with laughter and scintillating conversation.

There are other options such as my magic booth for large events where guests can visit and have their own private magic show or for small house parties a combination of mix and mingle magic along with an additional mindreading show which will certainly lift any party to a new level.
As a creative magician I can also tailor make some bespoke magic that represents a theme of the party, company values or in the case of a wedding or anniversary use a photo or some other item to add that personal touch.

Making sure your event is a great success, memorable and stress free is my number one priority so by booking with Elegant Magic you can be assured that all your guests will be thanking you for a wonderful time.

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If you’d like to find out more and meet Neil in person, just come along to the Wedding Show. I very much look forward to seeing you there.

Charlotte Stannard, Events Manager
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